The Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

The Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

Are you an adventurous person? Do you want to go out of town to do some travelling and trekking? The tiger leaping gorge in China is one of the best places to travel when you are looking for an adventure and a very nice view of nature. Many trekkers and other travelers have already visited the tiger leaping gorge and have been amazed of how good it really is in person. Pictures are already amazing and the place is even more amazing if you get to see it personally. The fact that it is breath taking; the tiger leaping gorge is also one of the best places where you can relieve your stress and forget about all your problems.

Touring around the tiger leaping gorge may take a week if you want to take time to notice the nature’s beauty while doing so. Here is a probable day to day activity that you can have when you go to tiger leaping gorge tours.


1. Visit the Lijiang Ancient Town.

The Lijiang Ancient Town is one of the most well preserved Chinese minorities in the province that you surely would want to visit. There is a landmark building in the town which is built in pure wood that is called Wangu. The Wangu building is well preserved by the people in the town because of its rich history. The Lijiang Ancient town is busy during afternoon to evening and is less crowded in the morning. So if you want to have a look of the place with less people, your best visiting time would be in the morning to explore around the town.

2. Visit the Baisha Village and see the Baisha Murals; And the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Baisha Murals in the Baisha village is said to have been painted a thousand years ago. The murals reflect the life and culture of the Tibetan and Naxi people. It also diplays the life stories of theTibet Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucian. If you are very fond with the history around the world, this place will surely be enjoyed by you. After seeing the murals, you can go see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain which is said to look like a girl with a white wedding gown. There is a cable car that you can ride to tour you around the area.

3. Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

After visiting the places around the tiger leaping gorge, you can then trek around the tiger leaping gorge. Trekking on the tiger leaping gorge may take 2 days of your time because there are a lot to see and there are necessary stops to make. You also would want to take the time to notice the real beauty of nature since the tiger leaping gorge has one of the best scenery in the world.

4. It is time to say goodbye.

After all the stops and visits that you have made, you will surely be satisfied on what you have seen and experienced. You will then be ready to say goodbye to the place and visit again when you have the time.