4 Extra Things You Can Do on Your Fiji Holiday Deals

4 Extra Things You Can Do on Your Fiji Holiday Deals

Fiji is quite a getaway, and we’ve never heard of people who have not enjoyed a week or two there. If you’re looking for ways to make your romantic activities go beyond the simple fairs that the hotel presents to you, here are some great things you can do to enjoy your Fiji holiday deals:

Take Off to the Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Let’s start things fast with an adventure that you will truly enjoy. The Sawa-i-Lau caves are a network of underwater caves that is rife with stories and legends. It is known to locals as the centre of magical energy and mystery in Yasawa.

The entrance of the cave is rife with ancient writings that even international archaeologists are unable to decipher, a legend about a chief and a woman that he loved together with the tragedy they faced and even a story about the local snake god.

The physical beauty of the cave network itself is stunning. Pristine blue waters, dark caves and outcroppings and a central atrium that presents itself with great natural light from the forest above. Your Fiji holiday deals are incomplete without this in your itinerary.

Charter a Jet

If you want to take the entire adventure up a notch, you can rent a local scenic tour of the islands of your choice through a low-flying charter plane. Go around and see the volcanic Yasawa Islands of Fiji, see the great Castaway Islands from the air and get an eagle’s view of the Mamanuca with your beloved.

Escape to a Deserted Island

You can also choose a deserted island of your choice! Three hundred islands and 500 islets with up to 100 islands uninhabited allow you to go and enjoy each other’s company in private, set up by your island tour guides for your convenience.

Get a chartered boat or a seaplane, have a nice tent, make a simple fire, eat something delicious you brought from the mainlands and sleep under the stars with the full beauty and safety of a deserted island right behind you.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

If going to a deserted island is not your thing, why not try scuba diving or snorkelling around the area during your Fiji holiday deals? The rich Pacific waters of Fiji is home to much underwater flora and fauna, soft coral reefs and a myriad of beautiful aquatic animals for you to see.

Enjoy an amazing natural display of many things that only the Fijian Islands can offer. Learn more about it here!