Things to Know About Free to Air Versus Pay TV

Things to Know About Free to Air Versus Pay TV

Apart from the reordering option Pay TV companies regularly schedule repeat telecasts of older popular imported shows. These re runs are also sometimes available on free to air channels but there is no option to customise timings and viewing preferences there.

Great news for shift workers

There are many people who work in shifts or simply work late till the wee hours of the morning. They have biological clocks which are vastly different from the rest of the human population and they usually watch television at dawn.

You can imagine the kind of stuff that is usually shown at those hours on free to air TV. Either it’s some home shopping show or some preachy religious show. Night owls would be frustrated with their viewing choice on free to air TV.

However with digital, there is good stuff available at all hours due to the sheer variety of content. Moreover some subscribers give programming options like “pause”, “resume” and “record” which come in handy.

It’s all about the money

Obviously free to air TV is more affordable and this is the primary reason for its popularity. If you don’t watch TV much and are satisfied with the content on free to air TV you really don’t need to subscribe to Pay TV. However if you severely feel the lack of entertainment value in free to Air channels then subscribing to Digital TV will open up a whole new world of quality television.

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