Things you Will Need to Hire for a Cinderella Themed Party

Things you Will Need to Hire for a Cinderella Themed Party

Nothing can be prettier or more girlish than seeing a bunch of sweet little girls dress up imitating their favourite Disney princess, Cinderella… If you are planning a birthday party or a general tea party for your little girl and her group of friends then Cinderella is the best theme to go by. Of all Disney princesses Cinderella wins hands down as the one who made it against all the odds so she is hugely popular amongst all girls.

Arranging for the costumes

The Cinderella party you plan for your little girl might or might not need costumes. In case you decide to host a costume Cinderella party then you should inform the parents of the other kids so that they can get their little girls dressed appropriately. In case you cannot find a pretty Cinderella costume for your little girl then you can consider contacting a party dress shop for kids or you can also ask party hire equipment Perth to supply the costumes to you. Some things you are going to need in terms of the costumes are wands, glass slippers, pretty fairy dresses and crowns.

Setting the menu and music

Disney themes and songs should be the musical theme for the evening. The Cakes should be ideally pink and white with strawberries and a huge cream crown on top. You can arrange for one of your friends to dress up as the fairy Godmother that goes about touching each person with her wand. Keep small bite sized food items which the kids can enjoy having without creating a mess.

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