Tips for Choosing a Spit Roast Caterer

Tips for Choosing a Spit Roast Caterer

Birthday parties are fun only if you serve the best food at the reception. If you’re celebrating birthdays, make sure to hire a spit roast caterer to make food preparation and serving easy. Here are the tips to choose the best caterer:

A grade food hygiene license

The provider must have a license to perform this kind of business. Before you sign any deal, make sure to set an interview to learn more things about the caterer. Ask about the commercial kitchen, handling of food and of course, certification. With these things examined, you can have peace of mind that no dirty business is involved.

If the establishment has an A-grade food hygiene certificate, then you know the meals they served are clean and safe to eat. You don’t want guests to have a bad stomach in the party, right? Hence, prioritise the food preparation to avoid poisoning.

Quality Meat

In spit roast catering, the meat is the star. Therefore, you need to see if the meat is preserved and cooked deliciously. If the lamb isn’t fresh, it wouldn’t be a good treat in the party. Upon tasting the meat, you can easily distinguish the fresh ones from the stale.

Check the reviews of the provider to see the feedback from previous customers. Find out if they are satisfied with the service or not. Doing this helps determine if the packages are worth the money.

No hidden fees

The spit roast package must include everything; from the transportation of food to the service staff. You need to clarify what’s included in the package to avoid overspending.

Trained staff

The company shouldn’t send staff which isn’t properly trained in food service. This makes a big difference to the party as accidents happen when the crew isn’t experienced.

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