Tips for Planning the Perfect Casino Party

Tips for Planning the Perfect Casino Party

Casino parties as a lot of fun but the host or hostess has to do a lot of planning for successful execution. Like any other event there are a number of things to take care of like the financial, venue, design, equipment, food, prizes etc. The sooner you start your planning the easier it will be to host the event smoothly.

Financial planning

Establishing your budget early is a wise decision and will help you set the ground for other activities. Generally the expense per person is from 30 $ to 90$ though this depends on the kind of vendor and location you select. Nearly 35%-45% of your allocated budget will go towards meeting the bills of your vendor and the rest of the money will be spent on entertainment and decor.

Choose the rental service

Look for a vendor who can give you a holistic solution. Right from blackjack table hire to providing dealers and arranging food it’s better to opt for turnkey services than to keep track of several different vendors. Blackjack table hire Gold Coast is decent, well established with a good reputation in the market. You could check out the equipment quality yourself before hiring. You may also try renting a limo but that will depend on the theme of your party.

Keep an eye on the cocktails

The cocktail menu will depend on the mood and theme of your casino party. For a laid back party pitchers of cold beer can work good while a posh upscale party can demand a martini bar. Always give your guests some choice. In fact it’s a great idea to keep a mix your own drink counter. You can dress up the drinks with slices of lemon, pineapple, cherry etc.

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