Tips to Hire the Best Makeup Artist

Tips to Hire the Best Makeup Artist

A skilled makeup artist is a must if you’re going to a special event. There are so many service providers in the market today. Therefore, you must be careful when hiring someone. If you’re trying to find a professional, here are a few key things you should consider:

Pick someone who’s formally trained.

Artists in the field don’t just go into the industry without any formal training. Most working artists today graduated from premier schools, studying for years to get qualifications. Whilst anybody can claim to do makeup, nothing beats someone who has had years of education in the field. They’re taught techniques such as:

  1. Beauty history
  2. Best practices for health and safety
  3. Different types of beauty products and their uses
  4. Application and design
  5. Creative techniques
  6. Balancing Facial Shapes
  7. Colour theory, balance, harmony
  8. Skin care, skin types and condition; remedial camouflage
  9. Highlighting and shading
  10. Types and textures of foundations and their uses
  11. Eye shapes, eyebrows; eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and lash application
  12. Lips and cheeks
  13. Specialised makeup techniques

These techniques and knowledge can’t just be learned through simple home education.

Pick someone hygienic.

Hygiene is a huge concern when it comes to cosmetics. Artists, in particular, will have to use their tools and products for a lot of people. Because they deal with the face, skin and eyes, it’s important that they keep their kits clean and germ-free. The service provider should:

  1. Sanitise their products
  2. Clean and sanitise their brushes
  3. Never use the same sponge twice – especially if they use it damp
  4. Never use the same fake eyelashes twice
  5. Always have clean hands

A makeup artist should always be hygienic for the sake of their clients. If not, they could cause blemishes, irritations – even eye infections. It’s easy to find a professional who has the skill and knowledge in the industry, but you can’t put a price on safety. For more tips like these, consult Chelsea Brown Hair and Makeup.