Tips in Making a Perfect Coffee

Tips in Making a Perfect Coffee

Connoisseurs suggest adding two full dessertspoons of coffee to a mug of hot water for that perfect heady brew. Water that has been heated to a temperature just before the water starts evaporating (92-97 C) is ideal. Just let the boiling water calm down and add the spoonfuls after 30 seconds.

The preparation mode

Just pour sufficient water to soak the coffee beans and then fill the coffee pot. After the mixture settles down, stir gently and put on the plunger. Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes before disconnecting and then drain into cups after the usual stirring and tumbling.

Depending on your preference for tastes you can either brew for 30 seconds or let it concoct for a little longer time. To get a stronger taste or flavour brewing it for 3-4 minutes would be just the thing.


To add or not to add milk is a dilemma that many coffee lovers face especially those who’ve taken a liking for it quite recently. For those who’ve been hooked to it since long the choice has been preset. If you prefer your cuppa with milk then add only tepid or warm milk. And add cold milk if you like to drink it fast. And those who prefer drinking it neat will be spared of the ennui of crying over spilt milk.

Coffee Beans

Keep your coffee beans in a hermetically sealed container as you’d need to retain the freshness. If you prefer to drink your cuppa with milk then go for lightly roasted coffee beans and if you’re a stickler for stronger fixes then opting for darker roasts will be apt.