Tips on Choosing Alarm Systems for Hospitality Premises

Tips on Choosing Alarm Systems for Hospitality Premises

When you are running or managing a hospitality setup you will need to take care of several issues. The first thing that your customers will expect from you is safety and security. Remember that the hospitality industry is a fiercely competitive place and a lapse in security will be perceived as an unforgivable mistake by your customer group. This is reason enough for you to invest in a high quality security alarm system which will boost the security quotient of your setup.

Look for a Fortune 500 company

Choosing a Fortune 500 company for purchasing the alarm system will mean that you are assured of a certain standard of quality in terms of mechanism of the alarm. This doesn’t mean that all the Fortune 500 companies are the same standard of service. You will probably have to conduct some background research to ascertain the standard of service. However there are some parameters which Fortune 500 companies have to adhere to in order to retain their status and this makes them a better bet for expecting good and reliable products. Security is a major issue in the hotel industry so you will have to choose a good alarm system which is compatible with the dynamics of your hotel.

Look for good reputation

Reputation is very important in context of a security alarm manufacturer. Choose a security alarm supplier who has been operating in the security business for a long time and has no consumer complaints lodged against him. The Internet is a very good place for searching about complaints and breaches in service as there are so many consumer rating agencies where you can get honest feedback. Most customers will quiz you about the kind of security system you keep in your hotel before they make a booking decision. This will be enough to indicate how important security is in making your business more popular.

Complaince to legislature

Legislature pertaining to security standards applicable in the tourism industry is generally overlooked by all hoteliers. It is important to understand that in case you do not adhere to specified standards and a security breach happens then the hotel management will be heavily fined.

Look for an alarm systems manufacturer that will have insurance on their products and will also give you a warranty. Make sure you read all the technical specifications of the alarm system before you purchase it. After sales service is very important so do not ever neglect this aspect of the service. Check the market report of the after sales service of the particular alarm manufacturer you are considering.

Keep your guests safe

Guests who arrive at your hotel probably carry a lot of cash and some jewellery as well. In case there is an attempted break in or burgulary attempt the alarm will immediately go off notifying the security staff who will then take appropriate action. Fire alarms are also very important as the slightest whiff of smoke will set the alarm off and then the fire fighting team will take action.

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