Tips on How to Negotiate the Price of A Property

Tips on How to Negotiate the Price of A Property

A property owner could be selling for a host of reasons that might be realistic from his standpoint. The seller could be staring at foreclosure or maybe he’s relocating permanently because he’s found a better job in another city. Deal in a manner that does not hurt his feelings.

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Know your seller

To know what’s going on in the mind of your house seller, just place yourself in his shoes. Getting acquainted with the other side of the story i.e. the seller’s perspective puts you in a vantage position when you’re thinking of tactful ways of scaling down the offer price.

Real estate agents could help you in making a transaction with a seller as they are the expert on this.

Keep a low profile

This is a very crucial guideline that you must stick to at any cost. While you try to ferret out as much info as possible from the seller be vague about yourself. Be secretive and keep a low profile. Your potential seller might be inquisitive about your mode of payment.

You’re thinking of a cash purchase but he should have the slightest inkling of it. Dropping hints would tilt the negotiation scales in his favour. Real estate agents would be ideally placed proposition a deal to the homeowner on your behalf.

Don’t get carried away

Your end objective is to buy a house and not to trounce your seller in the negotiation game. Towards that end you should be prepared to take a flexible approach. Remember, once the home is yours, you’ll always be able to resell it at a much higher price than you pay for it today.

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