Tips to Draw out a Building Plan for your new Plot

Tips to Draw out a Building Plan for your new Plot

Building plan for your new plot provides you an excellent opportunity to design your house, according to your particular preferences and requirements. You often might be fantasizing having your dream house, and by drawing building plan with the help of builders Sunshine Coast, you can take one step ahead to convert your dream into reality.

As you require to sketch everything on piece of papers, you have to be very careful about exact measurements and parameters.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen occupies the most important place in homes. It should be properly connected to the dining room. As movement of guests is going to be very regular in kitchen, it should be spacious. There should be enough space in the kitchen, to accommodate two cooks at the same time.

Apart from that, take correct measurements of cabinets for storing utensils. As far as washing of dishes is concerned, don’t get mislead by stylish fixtures, go with comfort instead. Some trendy fixtures might give you hard time in cleaning dishes.


Bedroom is the area where you spend most of your time for relaxation. Keep a fair space reserved for bedroom. Bathroom and closet in the room should be close to each other. You can save some space for making dressing area within bedroom.

Separate dressing room will not only increase the aesthetics of bedroom, but will also make it convenient for you to getting dressed, when your home is full of guests. Take the measurements of windows, and design them at a place where they don’t disturb door or other arrangements in the room.