Types of Evening Dresses

Types of Evening Dresses

When it comes to evening dresses, you have a huge variety of fits, styles, cuts and types to choose from. Following is a discussion on the different modern types of evening dresses ruling the shelves of departmental stores and seen at parties.


If you have a taste for high necked, tight fitting formal evening dresses with a high collar, then a Chinese inspired Cheongsam may be the right apparel for you. This kind of short evening dress, ending at the knees or upper calves, is usually made of silk and sports Asian inspired floral motifs. The high standing Chinese collar lends a touch of sophistication and the dress is extremely form fitting and straight. Petites, slim figures and athletic body types look great in this style.

Basque Waist

This evening dress, characterised by long V and U shaped hemlines and low silhouettes, elongates the body and makes short girls appear taller. These evening dresses are also known as V waisted or Basque waisted dresses.

Handkerchief Hem

This is an evening dress with pointy hemlines and looks like hankies. The short dresses are va va voom sexy, especially if they are backless and look good on all body types.

Princess Dress

Though princess gowns are associated with weddings, they are also wildly popular as formal gowns for special occasions and big parties. The outrageously flared skirt creates a dramatic look and makes you the toast of any party.

Corset Dresses

Stockier frames can try out corset dresses and gowns if they aren’t too booby.