Types of Security Screens Perfect for Your Home

Types of Security Screens Perfect for Your Home

It’s not enough that you have door locks and CCTV cameras at home. Burglars always find a way to enter the property, but they can be blocked by heavy-duty security screens. This material looks like regular flyscreens, so the home’s aesthetics aren’t spoiled. Here are the types of security screens:

  • Marine-Grade Steel

If you’re looking for a tough screen door, this type is a perfect choice. It resistant to corrosion, so when the rainy season starts, there’s no need to worry about rust and infestation.

Some people believe that metal has an expiration; meaning, it will somehow show signs of wear and tear. This may be true, but it will take decades before the marine grade steel loses its charm. It is a great material because someone cannot easily destroy it unless they use a cutting machine.

No burglar can dare open the closed security screens made of steel because it’s tough and doesn’t easily break.

  • Aluminium

One of the most common material for screens is aluminium. This is also strong just like the steel but better in some areas. It is more elastic and malleable compared to steel. It can be shaped in different forms whilst steel cannot. Overall, it’s a flexible material but at the same time, tough.

The best thing about aluminium is it doesn’t rust. There’s no need for additional coating because it is made to withstand corrosion. Steel, on the other hand, need a coating, especially in a damp or abrasive environment.

  • Wood-Framed

There are hinged and sliding wood security screens available in the market. If you’re not a fan of metal, this is a nice option. Although it’s not heavy-duty compared to steel and aluminium. The wood needs an extra coating to prevent infestation.

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