Uses Of Treadmills

Uses Of Treadmills

If you a beginner, you can still add a dash of more excitement in your treadmill workouts by including what is called as the Pyramid Intervals. This particular exercise requires you to change your walking speed on a minute-to-minute basis. You could go from slow to fast and vice-versa.

Talk as you Walk

It’s common to see people conversing while workout on treadmills. But have you tried talking to yourself while walking on the treadmill? If not, you should try it, because it’s another great workout.

It helps you know of the ideal speed for you on the treadmill. After the warm up is over, increase the speed of the belt-strip considerably, and then start talking in short sentences. If you’re able to keep at it, switch to singing a song. If you don’t feel out of breath, then your walking speed is too low.

Woggle Workout

This is a workout for beginners. You don’t have to walk at a constant speed on the treadmill. The Woggle workout entails that you jog, run, and walk at varying speeds. Ideally this workout should be done for 60 minutes and if you do it well and regularly, you could burn up to 300 calories per session.

Workout clothes must be wore during exercise or training to avoid too much sweat and make yourself comfortable.

Overhead Arms

If you have difficulty in holding up your arms, you can tweak the routine a bit, and move your arms up and down. This workout is known as speed walking and it effectively increases the heart rate.