Vape Mods: How to Choose the Right Model

Vape Mods: How to Choose the Right Model

Vape mods are the devices that keep the entire electronic cigarette powered. They contain the battery and circuitry, which powers the tank that produces the vapour. There are a lot of different devices available on the market today. This can make it hard for beginners to pick the right device. This article will help you pick a model that’s right for your needs.


Mechanical devices are those that have no circuitry to regulate the power. This means that the battery delivers raw electricity to the atomiser, giving it increased potential in terms of wattage and voltage. This also means it can be used with any type of coil, giving the user free reign on different builds. It comes in different forms, including:

  • Tube – As the name suggests, this type is long and cylindrical. Tubes use a single battery to power the atomiser.
  • Squonk – Squonk boxes are devices with a battery bank and fitted with a bottle of e-juice. You simply attach the bottle of e-juice to the device. When you want to take a puff, you squeeze the bottle to supply the atomiser with liquid.
  • Series – This variety uses more than one battery. It uses the combined voltage of all the batteries.
  • Parallel – This variety uses several batteries as well. However, they do not use ‘wired voltage’. Instead, the device’s battery life is extended.

Mechanical vape mods are not recommended for beginners. They require advanced knowledge in coil-building.


Regulated devices have a chipset installed. This controls the power going into the atomiser. This is a safer option, especially for those who don’t know how to play around with coils. You can easily adjust the voltage and wattage. It comes in pen, box pod mods and cig-a-like varieties. Cig-a-likes were the first electronic cigarette prototypes.

Regulated vape mods are the best choice if you’re new the electronic cigarettes. They are the easiest to set up and use. They’re also the safest option, as mechanical varieties take time and experience to master.

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