Vista Marina

Vista Marina

As Trip-advisor put it, a hotel Expert I am.. and one way I like to test a hotel before checking-in is to attend the restaurant-pool-bar area as a walk-in guest… or ‘from outside’ as Filipinos put it. We did this to Vista Marina and found a place beside the pool. We frequent this town and normally use Moonbay Marina and The Terrace Hotel for lunch and swimming. This is the first time we have tried Vista Marina.



We found a place by the pool …that was very easy, as we are the only ones there. We noticed the tables and chairs are quite grotty and need replacing. It was noon on a Saturday so the lack of customers was my first concern. Within a minute of sitting down were approached and asked to pay 250p each for the use of the pool. I think if someone comes into a business premises, particularly hospitality, then the staff should address the customer needs before addressing the bill. That was a mistake… the other hotels I like (and mentioned) don’t ask me for anything up front because my bills are always big-spends and I also tip fairly and well anyway.

Breakfast was ordered and it was fairly Filipino breakfast typical (deep fried bacon) … it mentioned hash-browns but that was not on the plate.. they said ‘no-stock’. That normally worries me when kitchens run low or out-of-stock as that can often mean they are under-funded, as it makes me wonder if short-cuts are being taken with hygiene. The food was just ok.

We asked if wifi worked beside the pool, told yes and we were given a password. But sadly it did not work at all. We joined ok… but the data-flow was zero.

The pool was cloudy and the surface was covered in bugs and all kinds of other ‘floaters’. The motors were not running and so I asked if they could turn them on… they said ‘they are on’. They were not. I tried a few times to convince the maintenance that the water was indeed not circulating.. then gave up. They realised the pool was sub-standard and began adding chlorine etc.

Its just not the quality. We packed up and moved back to one of our regular favourite hotels across the road… no check in for us here!