3 Facts About Waxing That You Need to Know

3 Facts About Waxing That You Need to Know

We’ve probably heard a bunch of myths about hair removal service. But, most of us don’t really care. As much as there are no strands showing in our armpits, legs and back, then we’re good. However, there are things you need to know about waxing treatment in order to stop worrying every time you go to the salon.

Here are three facts about professional hair removal service:

  • Your skin is sensitive to the treatment

After a few pull out, the aesthetician might have told you to prevent using any product in the treated area. Do you want to know why? It is because waxing leaves the pores and follicles open, so it becomes sensitive to infection by dirt, bacteria and sweat. You need to keep the surface clean to avoid issues.

Skin and beauty experts also recommend avoiding excessive workout and heat for almost 24 hours to prevent infections. Moreover, don’t wash the skin for about five to six hours so no bacteria can enter your body.

  • It’s okay to get a wax on your period

Some people will say you can’t get a hair removal treatment during your monthly period, but experts say it’s okay. Your body is just sensitive because of the hormones but the procedure is totally safe. As long as the aesthetician wears a hand glove, then you’re good.

After bikini wax, ensure that you keep the area clean and dry. The pubic hair protects us from bacteria and when it’s shaved, we are prone to infections. Therefore, be extra careful and pat the area dry.

  • You need to exfoliate the skin

A few days before the waxing treatment, it is recommended that you lightly scrub the skin to remove excess dirt. It will be easier to wax the hair when the skin is smooth and dirt-free.

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