Premium and Affordable Wedding Packages

Premium and Affordable Wedding Packages

Couples can enjoy a one-of-a-kind union without breaking their bank account. With premium wedding packages, they can choose from the luxurious arrangements that are affordable and unique. We understand that this your special moment together as you walk out the church as husband and wife. Our team want to make sure that both of you will enjoy the celebration and not think about the price tag.

We start by the assessment in which you can customise the packages that’s fit to your budget. Listed here are the major services you need like the catering, photography, bridal gown, reception, give away and bridal car rental. The price differs from the number of invited guests to the preferred wedding venue and food. Everything will be coordinated to the representative so you can immediately get the actual rate.

Free advice

We don’t just supply couples with the options they can have but also help them decide which to get. This step is important to avoid misunderstandings. The couple just need to relax and let our team take over. They can approve or enhance the proposed plan to match their budget and preference.

Flexible payment terms

We give you flexible payment terms to save up on the package. There’s an initial payment to be deducted to the overall amount. The goal is to pay for the expenses before the wedding so couples can relax and enjoy their honeymoon.

As much as possible, we wanted the couple to feel relaxed before the big day. To do this, we help them choose the wedding packages that they can pay on time. Aside from the initial down payment, they can also save up for the monthly payments until everything is settled.

Hands-on planning

Our event coordinators will guide the couple all throughout the process. We make sure to review the details and see what needs improvement. If the couple have final requests, our team can review the budget and make it happen.

It is advisable to go somewhere after your wedding. Coordinate with a travel agency for your honeymoon.