What Are the Things to Do in Broome?

What Are the Things to Do in Broome?

So you have a plan to go to Broome and don’t know what to do? Here are some top things to do in Broome for the unexperienced traveler.

Matso’s Brewery

Matso’s brewery is the most remote small scale bottling works on the planet making it one of the must-visits and definitely on the list of things to do in Broome. It’s arranged near the shoreline and shady wind sails keep you shielded from the rankling sun. The building itself is old and noteworthy, yet the food and the beverages are as present day as you can get. Some interesting drinks you can get are the Mango Beer and the Ginger Cooler, however the Chango (mango and bean stew combo) is truly divine.

Gantheaume Point

This is a little far away, around 6km from Broome. But here you’ll discover rust red precipices and petrified dinosaur impressions that are more than 130 million years of age. In the event that you can’t get down to the tide line then you can see the replicas of the same impressions on the bluff top which has shocking views of Cable Beach.

Broome Races

Thoroughbred racing appears somewhat mixed up with the red earth and yet you can watch glorious stallions thundering around the track while enjoying a picnic.

Staircase to the moon

This is a characteristic phenomenon that happens for 3 evenings every month from March to October. Seeing it is definitely a part of the essential things to do in Broome. The full moon ascends over the uncovered mudflats of Roebuck Bay when the tide is low making an optical illusion of a staircase ascending to the moon. It’s astounding to see the moon as a big red ball turning white only in the dark sky.

You’ll discover night markets with food, crafts, adornments, fast food and garments available to be purchased on the off chance that you see this wonder at Town Beach. The other spot to watch out for is at The Mangrove Hotel. You can purchase a huge, flawless shell hanging for only $50 at the night markets.

Town Beach

This is the best spot for picnics and paddling. It’s conveniently located near mangroves, where crocodiles have been located, so when you go to the shoreline it can be shut down for swimming at times. It’s one of the two best spots to watch the Staircase to The Moon.

Broome Museum

This little historical center has fascinating showcases on the pearling business alongside a gathering of photos and data illustrating the historical backdrop of Broome making it an obvious choice as one of the essential things to do in Broome.

Japanese graveyard

A nostalgic reminder of the 900 Japanese pearl jumpers who met their demise amid the World War 2 air assaults.