Wreck Diving in Philippines: 4 Must-Have Things to Bring

Wreck Diving in Philippines: 4 Must-Have Things to Bring

Coron, Palawan is a scenic, breathtaking island paradise in the Philippines. Many have been witnesses to its natural beauty. One of its islands, Sangat, has easily become the best diving spots for wreck diving. It has eleven stunning wreck ships that you can explore underwater.

But before you explore Sangat and other dive resorts in the Philippines, you should bring these four necessities with you:

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Sun protection is a must in tropical countries like the Philippines. Whilst spending the whole day under the sun is beneficial, an excess of UV rays from the sun is not. If you are going to dive, island hop, jet ski or trek at high noon, it’s important to have sunscreen on to prevent the skin from burning, developing rashes and harsh tan lines.

Swimming Apparel


Before heading out to the sea, put on a pair of bathing suit, dri-fit tanks and tee for a comfortable swim. Also, bring with you goggles and cap just in case. If you intend to go for a wreck dive, Sangat Island Dive Resort houses complete diving equipment like masks, fins and tasks for each dive participant. Visit their website to learn more.

Waterproof Camera

Waterproof Camera No travel trip is complete without a camera. A photo camera will let you document each moment spent out on the beach—even underwater. Be it a film camera, Lomo, DSLR or just the camera of your regular smartphone you can collect memories you can bring back home and keep until your next summer vacation.

Free Time

Bring your free time as well as your family and friends. Have quality time with them whilst you enjoy the accommodations and watersports activities that are available day and night. When it comes to a fulfilling, relaxing vacation there’s no other place than Palawan.

Spend your summer days on the beautiful island of Sangat. Be surrounded by clear waters and lush greens that will soothe you in the best dive resorts in the Philippines. For more information and bookings, please visit Sangat Island Dive Resort’s site to learn more.